The Photography Collection at The New York Public Library now holds five of my early cliché-verre works.

The attached snapshots are of the five works in their collection.

All five are part of the Shirley Carter Burden Collection, which was a collection of roughly 500 photographs and portfolios (as well as his library and personal photographic work) donated to the library in 1991.

Shirley Burden was a good friend of mine from 1970 until his death in the late 1980's. He was quite wealthy, a descendent of Vanderbilt family. He had very fancy homes in NYC, Beverly Hills, Santa Barbara, and a few internationally.
From the beginning, he was the money behind the Aperture photography publications and he served on the boards of several museums... including the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.
A fascinating and generous man who was concerned about people and not money. We could use a few more like that.
He provided funds for all my museum projects when I was the curator of photography at Pasadena Art Museum and later at Santa Barbara Art Museum.
From time to time he also purchased some of my personal artwork. The cliché-verres now in the New York Public Library were all purchased just after I left my museum curatorial positions in 1982 to pursue making my art full time. Each was printed in 1983 and colored in 1983 or possibly 84.


Flat Iron Building, New York City, 1983 (ed. 2/20)
Oil on black & white cliché-verre print
Lazy K, 1983-1984 (ed. 6/20)
Oil on black & white cliché-verre print

New York Sidewalk, 1984 (ed. 5/20)
Oil on black & white cliché-verre print

Kinsley, Kansas, 1984-1985 (1/20)
Oil on black & white cliché-verre print
Main Street, Savannah, MO, 1983 (ed. 3/20)
Oil on black & white cliché-verre print

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