December, 2005
It has been a busy month, raining a bit in Sonoma Valley. My gallery is finally in a semi-presentable condition. By appointment there have been a few visitors. Lighting is next. I have found time to add more images to the web pages... Galleries/Archives and Cliché-verre. More will follow soon. I have produced my first print on aluminum. Much like the giclée process, only on a sheet of semi-reflective aluminum instead of paper or canvas. My first print depicts the Sonoma Mountain image commissioned by Deerfield Ranch Winery. Now eight feet wide. Once it is installed with proper lighting in the winery's future tasting room, the visual effects promise to be stunning. Until it is needed by the winery, the print will be on view in my gallery.

November, 2005
At last, I have returned to work on the web site. My new studio and gallery are both almost functional. Hopefully, I will be able to do some art soon. By December, I expect to have the gallery open for visitors.
Through November 27th, a selection of my art can be seen at the Friends House gallery at 684 Benicia Drive in Santa Rosa, California

October, 2005
Continue moving and organizing my new studio and gallery.

September, 2005
Do to a change in property ownership, I have been moving to a new studio/residence during the last few weeks. As a result, I have temporarily had to cease working on the web site. There are still numerous glitches to resolve with the site. It is even possible that the site will be down during the switch to a new host and server. Be patient, and if you need to contact me by email or phone (707) 833-2602.

August, 2005
It should be obvious this web site is not yet completely born. It has been alive for only a month. The design and functionality are each in formative stages. Over the next few weeks, I will add things and make changes almost every day. In a short time, I expect to make all the needed adjustments. I hope you will visit the site again as it matures. In the meantime, if you have questions or comments, just email. And if you wish to visit my studio/gallery in Sonoma Valley, I would be happy to show you my art.

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