Activities in 2006
January, 2006
The new year has started with a bang. On New Year's Eve, my new studio was flooded with three feet of water. The most destructive flood this valley has experienced in over 100 years. I lost several posters and prints and have had to completely dismantle and remove all my studio equipment. Clean up and salvage of materials has taken over two weeks, but I expect to have the studio back in operation before the end of January. Removal of river mud and disposal of possessions has given me a better appreciation for the suffering of flood victims everywhere. Fortunately, my home and gallery were not affected and all the framed art and more valuable prints were safely stored there.
February, 2006
Much of this month has been devoted to cleaning up and reorganizing my studio. Because the flood also damaged my next door neighbor—the Vineyards Inn—I was asked to provide art for their newly remodeled restaurant. If you visit their restaurant, you can count on good food coupled with good art. Because of the flood and my loss of several thousand posters and items of furniture, I have also managed to design a more efficient studio. After several months of working on everything except my art, I have finally begun to paint again. I am expecting the resulting artworks to be materially affected by the long hiatus. It will be interesting to see what develops as I begin new projects in my new environment.
March, 2006
I have set the date—May 20 & 21—for my Grand Opening.
If you are already on my mailing list you will receive a printed announcement in early May. If you are not currently on my mailing list, please contact me if you wish to be included.

The Collectible Moment Exhibition
Norton Simon Museum
October 13, 2006 - March 12, 2007

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